SwissAero Inc. provides exceptional services to our clients through a la carte, or all in one service opportunities. Our services include, but are not limited to, Development and Prototype, Manufacturing, Assembly, Packaging and more! Contact us today to find out how SwissAero can provide you with exceptional service!  

– AS9100D Quality System

– Customer Satisfaction

– Product Efficiency

– Complexity Reduction

– Exceptional Service

Quality Assurance
– TESA-SCAN 50 (50 x 275mm) measuring system with part rotation

– Nitro XL2 XRF nondestructive elemental analysis of alloy materials, titanium to nickel, tramp & trace element analysis via XRAY

Featured Machines
(13) Tsugami Swiss Automatics
— 12mm – 32mm capacity

(9) Mori Seiki CNC Lathes
— Live Tool Subspindle
— Chuck Work to Bar Fed Applications

Industries Served
– Aerospace

– Mining

– Medical Gases and Liquids

– Automotive

– Ballistic Weapons

– Specialty Fasteners

Production Components
– Roller and Ball Bearing

– Fasteners

– Valves

– Screens

– Electronic Connectors

– Hydraulic Connectors

– Pumps

– Firing Pins and Chambers

– Pins

– Clinch Nuts

– Fuel Fittings